The cleanliness of your windows has a dramatic impact on the overall appearance of your building. Always keep your windows sparkling clean.

Window Cleaning

Prime Tech Building Services Ltd. uses the latest technology, optimal techniques, and cleaning products on the market.  Our team of professionals is trained to select the best methods based on the type of surface being cleaned to ensure outstanding results.  We are qualified to properly wash hard-to-reach windows or unique building structures in either high or low-rises. Our staff of experts cleans exterior and interior window surfaces including frames, skylights, walkways, tunnels, lobbies and more.  Depending on the building structure, we use the appropriate equipment for each project to safeguard our employees and your property.

What our team of Prime Tech window cleaning specialists can do for you:

 Regular Window Cleaning:  To keep your windows sparkling clean and to preserve their lifespan, it is important to wash them regularly.  This will also ensure against any calcium build-up and helps avoid costly maintenance and/or glass replacements in the future.  Protect your investment by keeping your windows properly maintained and cleaned.  

Please contact us today to discuss the best window cleaning maintenance program for your building needs and budget.  We offer annual (once per year), semi-annual (twice per year) and tri-annual window cleaning services (three times per year).  

► Construction/Post-Construction Window Cleaning:  This service is available to newly constructed buildings, as well as existing buildings that have gone through a major restoration and/or repair work.  To bring the building up to standards, it is important to clean and carefully scrape to remove all foreign materials such as concrete, caulking, silicone, paint, stucco and other debris from the glass and metal surfaces.  Our professional crews are carefully trained to ensure that no surfaces are scratched and/or damaged during the process.  

By hiring us directly for your post-construction window cleaning needs, you can be sure to get the most experienced high-rise specialists.  If you award the contract to non-professional window cleaning companies who subcontract the work out as cheaply as possible, you run the risk of potential damage to the glass during the scraping process.  Protect your reputation as a builder and avoid costly lawsuits by the building owner(s).

► Chemical Window Cleaning:  This service is necessary when the building is not cleaned regularly and has been neglected.  To bring the building up to par, our crews are trained to clean and remove hard water stains, calcium build-up, spider droppings, concrete stains, chalk deposits (that occur during paint oxidation process), etc., with our deep chemical cleaning technology.  

► Pure Water Window Cleaning System:  This is the latest window cleaning technology, which is environmentally friendly as it does not require the use of chemicals.  It removes dirt and debris with a soft-bristled brush, while simultaneously rinsing off dirt with de-ionized water.

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