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Spider Control:  This service is beneficial for buildings that are prone to spider infestations (ie located near the Lake of Ontario or any body of water, near ravines or wooded areas). The most effective way to combat the issue of spider infestations is to spray the exterior of the building (ie precast, around vents and windows, balconies, roof, and ground) with a chemical that provides effective control when treating spiders, cluster flies, mosquitoes, etc.  It is important to reduce the pest population (ie other insects) that spiders feed on - their food source.  These pest control chemicals are highly-regulated in Canada and are considered to be safe and of low-toxicity.  It is harmless to humans and pets once it dries.  Moreover, our team will routinely inspect and thoroughly clean the building to remove spiders, spider webs, spider eggs and nests from the frames, corners and under metal panes. 

Bird Control:  Birds and bird droppings can cause property damage.  It is imperative to deal with bird issues immediately once noticed, as the longer, they are allowed to nest or roost on your property, the harder it will be to deter them away and to properly clean the area.  Our team can install a variety of bird deterrent products such as bird spikes, coils, gel, etc.   Please contact us for more details.

 Exterior Vent Cleaning / Replacement:  Clogged dryer vents can result in deadly fires or poisonous gas fumes. It is also the reason for longer dryer operating time, which means higher energy costs for the laundry system.  We have the tools and the expertise to reach deep into your dryer vents and clean out all the debris, lint and dirt that has built up along the lining of the ventilation pipes.  We will also replace any cracked and/or damaged vents.

Graffiti Removal:  Our professional crew can safely remove graffiti from any exterior surface.

Metal Cleaning:  If you have any metal surfaces that need restoration, protection, and cleaning, we have the appropriate tools and equipment. Our crews can remove dust, dirt, and debris from exterior metal surfaces. Moreover, our crews are properly trained to clean chalky oxidation and to apply a protective coating that will make your metal surfaces look new again.  Invest in a protective coating to restore and protect your exterior metal surfaces from UV rays, acid rain, bird droppings, mildew, as well as protect them long-term from corrosion, oxidation, rust, tarnish and fading, thus avoiding costly repairs and/or metal replacements in the future.

Confined Space Entry and Cleaning of Ventilation Shafts:  In confined spaces, where entry and exit points are limited, there is little room to work. These situations allow for dangerous and stressful work environments for workers. At PrimeTech Building Services, we have the professional training and the right equipment to clean these areas effectively.

Chandelier Cleaning:  No matter how difficult your chandeliers are to access, we will clean them with a special cleaning solution that will bring them back to their original luster. Whether you have grand entrance chandeliers with thousands of crystals or modern wall sconces, we can help.

Solar Panel Cleaning:  Solar panels need to be kept constantly clean for good reason. When they start to cloud over with dirt and pollution, it takes them longer to energize and put power on to the grid. Over time they will become less and less effective as they become cloudier.

We use a chemical-free solution that simply removes the dirt without compromising the efficiency of the panels. Our workers are fully trained in this regard, and they will also notify you if they notice any defects or damage to the panels.

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